Who I Am

Paula Krist

I believe in bringing you Affordable Excellence in the Peaceful Atmosphere of your own home or private location. 

I am a Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Nail Technician and Certified Hair Extension Specialist.  I have trained in Europe, in Texas and in the great state of Missouri.  

I graduated from “OGLE Fashion School” with the Highest Status Rating of “Professional Designer” and I was trained under Shelton Ogle himself (winner of the Golden “Hair  Courtier” Award in Paris, France).  I tested as one of the “Top In Texas” in my Board Exams and I am an Award Winning Stylist.  

Cosmetologists are trained and tested in all three areas of Cosmetics:  Hair , Skin and Nails. It will be my pleasure to consult with you on any concerns you may have in connection with these. 

It’s my goal to work with my clients to look and feel as special as they are!

My Service Area

Camden Point





Platte City



Tiffany Springs